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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  September 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. >> spwhr/ right now, we are staying on top of breaking fews. another tense night in north carolina for the second fight i gathered in the streets of charlotte to protest the police shooting of keith la month scott. we do know that one person has been shot, not by police police, but by another protester and at least one officer has been injured. >> also, ton, police in riot gear have been launched tear gas into the crowds. we have seen demonstrators throw objects back at the officers.
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are watching this situation and we'll bring you an update in a few minutes. back here at home, the parents of a child disbillabilitys is coming forward to talk about their son's traumatizing experience inside of a school seclusion room. >> an investigation into the 14000 cases of restraints and seclusion reported eachier in chicago schools. carl is sure it doesn't happen to someone else's child. >> we had never seen it until that day. that was the first time we saw it. reporter: inside of lennox elementary school. what did you think when you saw it for the first too. >> i was very distraught when i saw that. i didn't under stand how you could put a person into a position to put them in a room like that. >> a seclusion room where
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problems. >> we were informed it was a safe place for him to go. >> it was anything but safe. 2 years ago, this couple says 39 pound 7 -year-old son with disability was routinely sent to make-shift janitor's closet, often restrained by school staffers. >> there was an incident where they pinned him down, 2, maybe 3 adults that were holding him down with his body where my under stad/ straddling him and another woman was holing his hands and feet down. reporter: restraint and seclusion is only allowed in extreme circumstances when there is imminent danger. >> the couple, who!woe asked that we heidi their identity said their son spent 48 classroom hours, the equivalent of 8 school days inside of the seclusion room skpwhr/ it was
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son was being retraumatizeed. reporter: how sta/ allowed to happen in we put that question of the man in charge of the olmstead falls schools. >> i can tell you by the book, tras/ handled in the proper way. reporter: he said the schools strictly follow state guidelines and restrain and isolate children when tphegs/. >> no one wants to tut their pants on an individual. we have to intervene and keep everybody safe. >> i don't think my son felt safe. otherwise, we wouldn't have got ton this point. reporter: the couple said their son who!woe has an extenseive history of trauma --
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but sympathizes with the paint. >> +eulgs/ a matter of perspective. i would agree to disagree with how the parents feel. i can't put myselves into their shoes, but i can tell them we care about all students and we care about how parents perceive things and we try to do our very best to show we care about kids and intervene with him in the proper ray. reporter: the parents say school employees failed to use criticized the school for failing to follow up. >> i think there needs to be responsibility for these individuals an they should not be allowed to be in those positions in any other school. >> this is a select few. >> if anybody was maybe retrained or possibly disciplined in that. >> yeah, i saw there that was a question. today there was discipline would be to say that
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or wrong, i disagree with that. nothing was done against protocol. reporter: lloyd said the picture of the room is misleading. the room looks normal with when shot from a different angle. a spokesperson de00 mid a video to take pictures of the room, lennox school parents say they ve because they don't want the same thing to happen to someone else's child. >> it's not fair to us. it's not fair to him. it's not fair to anybody else to have to go through this. >> we want all students to be protected and not to feel that they have to go into a room such as what my son endured. reporter: the parents pulled their son from the olmstead school system, a system they longer put their faith and trust in.
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send your child to school with trusted adults that are educated and know right from wrong. that's what we did. we wanted to believe that we were sending our child to school and that they were doing the right thing. reporter: the couple is critical of the ohio board of education who!woe say said did little when they complained about the restraint and seclusion of their child. getting answers >> want to know how things stand with your child with regard to restraint and seclusion, go to our website. the hits keeps coming for -- -- tony is here with how long the receiver will be out, tony, it sounds like i'm not
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>> ha -- -- i would like to see you get that over the next 2 or 3 years. he is sidelineded, now, the number one pick, just when he was getting going right. nothing has gone right, we are 2 and a half weeks in. they have lost their top 2 quarterbacks and number one receiver, cole man, coming off the touchdown against the ravens a few days ago, fractured the hau and somebody came down on his hand. >> you can't make this stuff up, the receiver tonight releaseed this statement on instra/ gram saying in part -- releaseed this statement on instra/ gram saying in part -- -- he has to be looking at at least a few weeks before he can return. another huge blow to a young team that needs all of
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jackson coming up in sports in a bit. teammate josh gordon in a courtroom answering to a warrant to take a dna test. a maple heights woman wants child support claiming he is his one -year-old's daughter. he will be back in court in november to make sure he took that test. shelby miller lorain/elyria with a look at how a trooper's hometown has been paying tribute. reporter: tke/ niece all afternoon and evening, people came here to say good-bye to trooper velez, hundreds of people were here, including his friends and family members. they told me he was a great man and that he always went out of his way to help those in need. hundreds waited in line to pay their final respects to ohio state trooper kenneth velez.
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with his picture on it, others wore blue ribbons, law enforcement from 19 states and canada were here. those who knew trooper velez said he was a great person. >> if you knew keny, not just putting his life on the line as his job, but in so many other ways. skpwhr/ he was a good friend. reporter with the department for 27 years, his funeral set for tomorrow morning at 10:00 am. cleveland 19 news will be there. if you would like to pay your respects, the best thing is to line up along the motorcade route tomorrow. >> thanks, shelby. there will be a motorcade possession right after the funeral taking trooper velez to his final resting place at kal/ varry cemetery in lorraine. people
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route, as shelby mentioned, to they r+/ pay their final respects. more fireworks at a school board meets in cuyahoga heights. now, there is talk about removing the school board president. dany has more from cuyahoga heights, dany? >> well, ramone tpha/, the latest is that the board voted they needed to have a final report about the investigation by october 3rd. even that vote was made without one member who left halfway through the meeting and never came back. school president dr. holly, walked out of the meeting, objecting to discussion to remove her as board president.
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but then left an never returned. many people focused mainly on superintendent evans, including his sister who!woe spoke one-on-one off after the neating only with us. >> some people say i are on a paid leave. is this such a big deal? >> it's a huge deal -- -- sorry -- -- he loves being here, very, very difficult for him not to reporter: now, there were discussions, but no decision about whether or not to remove board president and cleveland clinic holly factor as the president of the school board. getting answers live in cuyahoga heights dany carlson. cleveland 19 news.
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>> even tp+p/ flow is recalling booster seats because a child with possibly looseen the harness on their own. evolved 3 in one seats. for more information on the recall, visit our website cleveland information on the recall, visit our website cleveland okay, another beautiful night out there. another winner, we are right around 70 degrees. we'll cool things down a little bit as we head into the weekend. w rain in here? i'll let you know coming up. my family was absolutely terrifyed to come in this area. a man shoot as video spotlighting the problems of one suburb. coming up, answers on how he hopes this will change his city for the better. we continue to monitor the situation in charlotte, where protesters have filled the city streets. we'll bring you an
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>>. >> here at home, the city of east cleveland has run into hard times. listen to this. in 1970s, the population of the suburb was 41000 people with about half of those employed and income of $50000. well, today, there are 17000 people who live there, only 5000 have a job an the average household income is $20000. now, a man who grew up in the struggling city is showing house serious some of the problem there is are. >> he is hopeing to raise awareness about the poverty all
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getting answers. reporter: in this video, jamal collins wants to give you a hard look at the city he grew up in. he said it is so bad it sadens him that children need to walk through the neighborhoods and get to school. video eye opening, abandoned homes, buildings, trash piled high. this isn't a third world country. it's what you find when you walk down the streets in east cleveland. >> to me emergency. >> gentleman tphal/ collins shot this video to raise awareness. it has been viewed over 11000 times on you tube. >> i think the problem is if it's less opportunity, less jobs, that bringing frustrate and that brings crime, that brings a loss of hope. that brings drug abuse. reporter: jamal is worried the most about the children. after a decade of jobs in
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home teaching it to kids at the boys and girls club. >> i want to give people hope. i would say you are like a part of your environment. if are you going out somewhere and seeing that, it effects you. reporter: kids like 11 -year-old quincy jackson, opening up to a whole new word of possibilities. >> it teaches us new stuff about technology. reporter: jamal said it's a chance for these kids to have a mentor and rise above and crime taking over the street. >> i'm trying to get them to think as designers, engineers so they can come back and help the community. reporter: mayor north ton said 50 years of catastrophic decline can't be reversed overnight. he said the city raised several million dollar to demolish nearly 3 3000 houses since 2010. hundreds more are on the list, you can
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cleveland ramone tpha/. >> columbus area dog shelter that had to youth tphaoeuz/ 84 dogs because of a respiratory disease is opening tomorrow. workers plan on having 35 dogs up for adoption that were previously in quarantined because of the outbreak of the virus and as other isolated dogs become healthier, they virus and as other isolated dogs become healthier, they will be put up for adoption a new study done at ohio state found a undermines your healthy diet. stress changes the way our bodies process food, according to researchers, doctors recommend people manage the stress, doing things like exer saoeus/ ing, taking a warm bath or even lighting a scented
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>> look at what is going on in wisconsin and over towards the nap area, significant flooding, we are dry, too stable. this is all goes to peter out by the time it makesit to us. the only thing we'll see from this tomorrow, increasing high clouds, expect that throughout the day. it's going to be another warm. yes, it's the first day of fall. when you flip the calendar, it won't feel like it. 6 50s inland, by 11:00 am, already approaching 80 and just like we saw, today. mid-80s during the afternoon, inland with the lake breeze. it will be a little cooler humidity going up, the next best opportunity for rain, the next
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this will be for scattered showers and we are not anticipating heavy rain with that, but it will be turning a little more unsettled neck week. 58 the low tonight, becoming partly cloudy tomorrow morning, weather impact will be becoming partly cloudy tomorrow morning, weather impact will be -- 64 at 7:00, 65 at 8 o'clock in the morning. sun glare eastbound and 86, the high tomorrow with increasing high clouds, 658 o'clock am, 11:00. 86 at 2:00 and a little drop in temperature with the lake breeze. akron canton 86, as well and your boater's forecast with the lake breeze, waves one to 3 feet. south wind shifting to the north, tomorrow will be just as nice as ton, some clouds around and humid on friday, mixed sky, 77, weekend even a little cooler,
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a few showers and thunderstorms monday, 77, and scattered showers on tuesday. that's the next alert day and 72, ramone tpha/. >> airlines losing your luggage could be a thing of the past. last year, one in 3 300 passengers didn't get their bags at the airplane. now, a new system could make that a thing of the past, we are getting answers on how it works. the system puts a tag the bag instead of the bar code. that would allow an airline to track, in real time, where the luggage is. the system would save airlines money, in the long run. >> every time an airline loses a suitcase and can't get it delivered to you at the bag tkpwapblg/ claim. it costs them $100 to bring it to your home, office or hotel. that's a big expense the airline would
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>> delta hopes to be using the new system in 84 airports, including at hop kins, by the end of the year. >> all right, browns, down to a third string quarterback. tony >> all right, browns, down to a third string quarterback. tony has sports >> tomorrow morning at 6:00 am, they say they want your vote, but what they really want is to steal your money. getting
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i carried a rifle in iraq and afghanistan, so we wouldn't have to worry about terrorists using them here. but now rob portman's blocking common sense laws to stop terrorists and criminals from getting guns.
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even voted to allow people on the terrorism watch list to buy guns. senator portman, i fought to keep america safe...
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>> all right, they are closing in, as of right now, you need one hand to count the manic
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number. down to 5. no walkoff. fifth inning, a big one, deep center, san tan tpha/ brought home tied at 2. a shot to left center, 3-2 tribe. meantime, corey going for his 18th win, strikes out the side in the 6th. strikes out 9 overall, well on his way, gets the win, but a huge play right here in the ninth. 4-3. tieing run has caught stealing in the regular season, ever. perez, can he play quarterback? that pretty much seals the deal 4-3, indians another step closer to their first division title in 9 years. >> everyone will be talking about the throw. it was a great throw, but codey gave him the cannes. codey was a -- -- one 2 one. if you are anything
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give a chance, but that was a great throw. >> top 2 quarterbacks out, number one receiver down, check, starting -- -- check, it's only wednesday, right? maybe that's why hugh would not say where codey kes/ letter will start s+eupb/. coach admitted kes/ler will start, he won't say where. i'm guessing the raobg/ request quarterback will comfortable than here when he ran out of the enzone. >> i'm not worried about what our fans are stuck on. i'm not worried about that, we'll find out on sunday. i can't speak to what our fans are stuck on. i'm stuck on alot of things, too. i'm not trying to sound arrogant in saying that. but i'm saying he has to play.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. he's a race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot. donald trump is a phony, a fraud. he's not a serious adult. i can't vote for donald trump given the things that he said. trump should not be supported. i believe he's disqualified himself to be president.
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>> not going to be able to wear that dress long. >> still have some days, even october could be warm. >> look at the heat wave we had not long ago. >> i have no idea how the winter will be, so don't ask me. up to 86 at 2:00 in the afternoon, so, not feeling like fall, tomorrow. >> all right, thanks for
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we are one nation under god. that black and white, we are one nation indivisible. that republican and democrat, we are all americans.
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they'd be carried out in a stretcher, folks. i could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters. priorities usa action is responsible
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>> stephen: jeff twitty! hey, man. >> hey. >> stephen: don't get up. >> okay. ( laughter ) >> stephen: anyway, i'm so glad you're coming on show. i'm a huge fan. >> thanks, stephen. i'm also ae >> stephen: i see you like keeping your guitar close. >> wherever i am, you will ally find my guitar. >> stephen: lucille. >> excuse me. >> stephen: lucille, your guitar. i know exactly what you mean. i gotta have my music close, too. that's why i always carry around my little lady. >> you play harmonica?


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